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Felt Launches 2014 Breed Singlespeed, F3x Carbon and F75x Aluminum Cyclocross Bikes

Felt Bicycles brings a whopping seven cyclocross bikes to the market in 2014, plus a top-of-the-line carbon frame that is available as a frameset only.   Read More »

Prototype TT Bike Has Hydraulic Disc Brakes But No Seatstays

Taiwan-based Culprit Bicycles was at Sea Otter showing off an out-of-left-field triathlon bike that Culprit claims is the first with hydraulic disc brakes -- and no seatstays with an adjustable seatpost. We’re not sure if it will ever leave the prototype phase, but we do have photos.   Read More »

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Ashima Brake Pads

Hi, Anyone out there used Ahsima brake pads, and if so,what are your thoughts on performance, longevity etc? ThanksRead More »

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