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Avocet o2 Air Saddle Substitute

I've finally worn out my old Avocet o2 Air saddle and need to replace it. I prefer the wider "Mens" version. The only problem is that Avocet doesn't make them anymore, and I don't want to pay the going price of $75+ for a beat up, used version on ebay. Has anyone found a good, modern substitution ... Read More »

Avocet Tires replacements ?

I have one set of Avocet tires on my fixed gear bike. I love the tires and I know that, like George Washington, Avocet is history. Anybody know of tires that come close? I'd like to find a set of tires that are a good replacement and perform just like the beloved Avocets.Read More »

Is Avocet dead?

I've been looking for a new Avocet cyclocomputer, but no one seems to be carrying them. Google has really not found anything, and the Fleabay market has been minimal. Are they really gone? Thanks, BobRead More »

Directions for old Avocet 15 Mdl Computer

Help, I lost my directions for my old Avocet 15, it still works but I am having trouble with the reset functions on this unit.? If anyone has any Idea how to work it or better yet how I might obtain some instruction manual that wld be GREAT!! Yeah, I know-why not buy a new one?, cause I like th ... Read More »

Sell me your Bianchi Celeste Avocet computer

I just built up a early 90's Bianchi EL-OS for my wife. I know that Avocet had made a Celeste computer. Too bad they are sitting on their hands over at Avocet and no producing computers anymore, Well anyway, I looked on ebay and NOTHING...... I was wondering if any of my fellow Retro-Classic r ... Read More »





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