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New Product Spotlight - Axiom Blastair HPS Minipump

Axiom has been creating innovative, reliable, and affordable cycling accessories since 1988. For 2012, they've come up with a new line of CNC'd aluminum mini-pumps. Aptly named Blastair, the line includes 4 variations (2 high pressure and 2 high volume models). Featured here is the Blastair HPS, des ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Seven Axiom SL Titanium Road Bike

Featured User Review: Seven Axiom SL Titanium Road Bike by Dajianshan Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 4 of 5 Favorite Ride: rural mountain roads... Summary: After I cracked the HT on my former scandium alloyed bike, I felt I was at a point in my riding where I wanted to go custom. ...    Read More »

First Look - 2011 Axiom Gear

Andrew from Axiom Gear shows us the Mercato bag, Bamboo fenders, Corker multi-tool, and the Pro Helix carbon-alloy bottle cage   Read More »

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New Axiom SL Top Tube Slope - Pictures Needed!

So I have my final fit session for an Axiom SL this Friday and I can not decide on a Top Tube Slope. I am looking to go to a more of a compact geometry since my CAAD9 is pretty much traditional, however I can not decide on the angle. I am leaning somewhere around 6-10 degrees, with 10 degrees bein ... Read More »

Axiom racks and poor customer support

I was given a Streamliner rack in 2008 to go on my Roubaix which doesn't have braze-ons. While riding a few days ago the "rack to brake caliper bridge" snapped just above the brake caliper bolt. There was nothing on the rack except my folded up windbreaker. Axiom tells you to go to a dealer and have ... Read More »

Deciding between a Resolute SLX and Axiom S..Looking for Feedback

I am somewhat torn on what to get. I have a limited budget and want a few things 1) I want a painted bike - a tad custom look 2) I want a bike that's comfortable on rough roads and long rides 3) I want to run a tapered headtube/fork I do not have much experience with titanium but have had a few st ... Read More »

Project: Axiom SLX (over thinking the bike thread)

After a few years of thinking about doing it, I'm pulling the trigger on a new bike with Seven. I've been riding for seriously for over a decade and like to think that I've learned a thing or two about what I really like, but its almost harder to decide on a custom bike when you have more experienc ... Read More »

Elium SL or Axiom SL

I'm getting ready to order a Seven, but having a hard time deciding between the Elium SL or Axiom SL. I'm 6'0", 180lbs and my riding consist of endurance rides and fast group rides. The endurance rides (60%) are typically 50-80 miles with several centuries during the season. The group rides (40%) ... Read More »

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