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FRAME OR MINI (Barbieri CarbOne?)

First post :) I'e got a 1885 and I'l like to get a frame or mini pump as insurance to go along with co2 Anyone use a "Barbieri CarbOne"? or any other FRAME OR MINI ADVICERead More »

Anyone try Barbieri Carb One mini pump

I'm looking for a small pump that can give big pressure. This one supposedly weighs only 59 grams and goes to 140 psi. Has anyone tried it out?Read More »

Just Received My Barbieri CarbOne Mini Pump

Just got the Barbieri CarbOne Mini Pump from Performance. They price matched Colorado Cyclist and then took off 20% using the coupon that expires tomorrow. I had been asking about this pump since a few people were saying how good it was. Well my Topeak Pocket Master Blaster 115 grams is now o ... Read More »

Barbieri CarbOne Mini Pump - Anyone Have User Feedback?

Sorry for covering this topic once more but.... I currently have a Topeak Mini Masterblaster. It is not offered this year I don't think. It weighs 115 grams and can pump a tire hard enough to get home, but not to 100+. It takes alot of hard strokes and I somehow manage to bend the valve in the ... Read More »


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Red Xlite LED 3Function Waterproof Bike Taillight Red 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.99
White Xlite 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.99


Carb One Carbon 5
1   Reviews
$ 39.99
Titan-One 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99




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