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padding underneath Benotto bar tape?

I'm thinking about installing Benotto bar tape on a handlebar. The tape doesn't offer any cushion for the hands at all (compared to cork tape). Have any of you used padding beneath Benotto tape? What has worked well? I'm planning on using the tape because it seems to fit the era for the bike w ... Read More »

Ever heard of Benotto frames?

A Benotto steel frame was my first venture into building a real road bike. I bought it from Steve Hed in the early '80's. Steve Hed is now building wheels used by pro cyclists, and has also worked with Lance Armstrong. The Benotto was heavy but did have racing geometry. I believe they were use ... Read More »

Help identifying Benotto frame.

Hi all!!! Could you please help me identify this Benotto frame? I don't hold my hopes high as it's most probably Mexican and it was repainted, so it's very difficult to know more. Seller says seat post is 26.4mm But anyways... please see the attached pics. It's said to be a 55cm size. The l ... Read More »

Benotto on Craigs list

I have no affiliation with the ad, found it today. Wonder what the estate auction price was? [url=http://tucson.craigslist.org/bik/2824734535.html]VINTAGE - 12 SPEED BENOTTO - ALL ORIGINAL[/url]Read More »

Please please help me identify my benotto

Hello all, I've had this bike for a few years and all i know is that it was bought at some point in the 80s. From the previous owner he said it was pretty high end kit. In my opinion it is a lovely, needs some work but nonetheless a great bike. I am really frustrated that I can't find out wha ... Read More »


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