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Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Blackset Race or Vuelta Team V?

I'm looking to upgrade the wheels on my Felt Z5. It came stock with Mavic CXP22 and I want to upgrade to something lighter. My budget is under $500. For around $400 I can buy either the BWW Blackset Race 13 at their "Performance" level or Vuelta Team V. These will be used mainly for training and cen ... Read More »

Bicycle Wheel Warehouse

Has anyone ever ordered anything from them? I have been trying to get in contact with them for 3 days now. Phone calls and emails but I get nothing. Anyone ever experience this?Read More »

Bicycle wheel warehouse

Does anyone have a non toll free number for them. As I cant call toll free from the Uk but I can call a regular number for no cost. ThanksRead More »

New wheelset coming from Bicycle Wheel Warehouse

It should match this bike nicely Mavic CXP22 - Formula Fixed/FW Custom Front Hub - [B]Formula Sealed Bearing [B]Black[/B][/B] Nipples - DT Brass[B] Rear Hub - Formula Sealed Bearing Black[/B] Rim Options - [B]Mavic CXP22 Black[/B] Rim Tape (2 pcs) - None Spokes - [COLOR="Red"]Powdercoated Red Stain ... Read More »

Bicycle Wheel Warehouse - Blackset Race wheels - my impressions.

Today was my first spin on my new BWW Blackset Race wheels. They've been sitting here all winter, just waiting for the right day and today was that day. I've been riding a nice set of training wheels, also from BWW, for over a year - a set of Open Pro/Dura Ace laced 32 h with Comp spokes. They're ... Read More »


Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Product Categories

wheelsets - clincher

Blackset Aero Fixed/Single 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.95
Blackset Race 5
1   Reviews
$ 279.95
Blackset Race Ten 5
1   Reviews
$ 329.95
Mavic A319 Custom Hybrid/City Touring 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Pure Aero 0
0   Reviews
$ 269.95
Pure Race SuperLight 5
1   Reviews
$ 999.95
Pure RT 700c 0
0   Reviews
$ 199.95
Pure Tour 5
1   Reviews
$ 189.95




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