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The Stomach Churn: Humboldt’s 11th Annual Last Gathering of the Humboldt Bicycling Tribe

Local racer Carl Hesslein began his cyclocross career at the Stomach Churn back in 2005. Now he races on the US National Pro circuit The upcoming “Stomach Churn” cyclocross race, being held in Northern California town of Arcata, is about as low key and grass roots a race as you’ll ever find. The en ...    Read More »

Bicycling for Women Is an Essential Resource For Women Who Love to Ride

Women are different from men. From bike fit to nutrition to aging patterns, women ride differently. Most serious cycling books fail to address the specific concerns women have about cycling. In Bicycling for Women, cycling authority Gale Bernhardt discusses all things female for women who love to ri ...    Read More »

One Street Spotlights Ethics to Increase Bicycling

Prescott, Arizona – Embracing ethics as the means for increasing bicycling around the world, a new international organization is cultivating novel ground for the bicycle advocacy movement. Each of One Street’s founders has seen organizations of all types hobbled by unethical behavior. They formed On ...    Read More »

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Runners / Bicycling High?

I was wondering if any of those that ride, high weekly miles ever experience the so called runner high? I know that I do on some harder long rides. The flip side of that is do you experience withdrawals? On a recent vacation I didn't take my road bike and only rode very casually ( beach area ... Read More »

Benefits of bicycling

Hi All, Bicycling not only reduce and maintain body weight but also builds strength and muscle tone. Bicycling increase muscle tone, improve heart health and strengthens the immune system. Bicycling builds stamina, reduce stress and improves heart fitness.Read More »

Bicycling Magazine At Its Finest

The latest issue of [I]Bicycling[/I] arrived yesterday. I like Jens Voigt’s column so I read that first. I thought it was good, explaining the role pain has both in injury recovery and also training in general. I agreed with his contention that most riders don’t push hard enough and back down too ... Read More »

Is bicycling a sport that the youth are abandoning?

During my ride yesterday it occurred to me that I rarely see other bicyclists who are teens, or even in their early-mid 20's. I'd say maybe a quarter of the cyclists I see are in their 20's - early 30's, with the rest being in their mid-30's and older. (I'm just guessing on this though, rough esti ... Read More »

NJ Bicycling Manual... in case you wonder what it says...

[url]http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/commuter/bike/pdf/bicyclingmanual.pdf[/url]Read More »

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