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Big Shot Bikes?

When buying my first single-speed/fixie, it was between Big Shot and Pure Fix. Both around the same price point but I went with Big Shot because they're based out here in Colorado. Good decision? My only complaints are the brakes because they're really cheap and the lack of a good manual for a bra ... Read More »

Big Shot Bikes, Any thoughts?

I've been looking at the Big Shot bikes recently and was wondering if anyone has ridden one or has one. What are your thoughts on these bikes? Thanks, ErikRead More »

Big Shot bikes?

Anyone here had any experience(s) with these folks? Web based business.Read More »

Executive Big Shot vs. LBS

[url]http://gawker.com/5201137/cisco-exec-makes-death-threat-over-4000-bike[/url] Here's a little story for the RBR community. Hats off to the LBS for not groveling.Read More »


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