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Bike to Work Friday

Hey every. I took delivery of a Specialized Elite Apex Comp last Friday evening and have been enjoying it ever since. I rode to work today and plan to ride every Friday (and upcoming Monday as I have to work). I encounter a few hills which give me some difficulty. Part of this (and perhaps most of i ... Read More »

Win the lottery friday - dream bike/dream ride

Mine: Fixed Bike: Cervelo T3 tricked out Ride: Cross country on the T3 fixed gearRead More »

Friday Fodder - Mother$#@*@%# Bike

This made me laugh so I thought I would share: PS Mods, if this is offensive please remove.Read More »

Looking for witnesses of bike accident on Peak to Peak Friday

Rich Miles (YMCA downtown member) was in an extremely severe bicycle accident on Friday on peak to peak. Many broken bones, lung punctured. Operation is today. Vehicle that caused it left scene. Sue Ann Miles wants to get postings on all bicycle club websites. There were witnesses on bikes. In p ... Read More »

Friday bike friday lunch...

Due to work, weather and life I haven't been able to commute as much this year as I'd like. So today I decided to try something different. Packed my bike friday in the trunk, drove to work and then over lunch went out for a nice hour-long ride. Gotta say, that was pretty awesome. Doesn't mat ... Read More »





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