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Biria single speed "Deep V"

I have been looking for a single speed/fixed gear bike for some time and I across this bike in my LBS. [URL="http://www.biria.com/bicycle/fixed-gear/deep-v"]http://www.biria.com/bicycle/fixed-gear/deep-v[/URL].Never really heard of Biria and although they are well known for their "easy boarding" bik ... Read More »

anyone heard of Biria road bike?

I found those those bike online for $150 (US dollars) and thinking of getting it. the owner don't know the model name and I can't find any info about road bike from Biria (it's a german company). any tips/links/help would be great! [url]http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/8595/dscn3409p.jpg[/u ... Read More »


Biria Product Categories

Bike Bags

Stash Pack Alien Expander 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.99

Commuter Bike

CitiBike 0
0   Reviews
$ 449.00

Cruiser Bike

Easy Boarding Easy 7 Speed 0
0   Reviews
$ 498.99
Easy Boarding Top 3 Speed City 0
0   Reviews
$ 539.00


Picolo 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.99
Santana 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.99




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