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Black market and doping

WADA is warning about using an experimental drug for doping. The dopers seem awfully far ahead if the testers. Fortunately, everyone quit doping in 2006.... [url=http://m.cyclingnews.com/news/wada-issues-warning-on-black-market-gw501516]WADA issues warning on black market GW501516 | Cycling News[ ... Read More »

Cervelo S3 frame on the black Market for Cheap?

Hmm...what do you make of this? [url]http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/342791390-54CM-Carbon-Road-Racing-Bike-Frame-Carbon-Bicycle-Frame-wholesalers.html[/url] A $4500 frameset for $1200 shipped? Whats up with that?Read More »

WADA to test for "black market" drugs

[url]http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/wada-to-test-for-black-market-products[/url] [QUOTE]The creation of this “non-approved” substances list stems from the early use of CERA, the third-generation version of the blood-boosting drug EPO, which came to prominence after Riccardo Riccò, Stefan Schumac ... Read More »

FOR SALE:Black Market Bikes $900usd

Dear Customer,Bike Ability Ltd is one of the Best Selling Bike Distributor.We are Legitimate registered Company under licensed number (04899766). Email : [email]bicycle_store@hotmail.com[/email] Email : [email]bicycle_store@yahoo.com[/email] HERE IS OUR UPDATED PRICE LIST : Road Bikes: ... Read More »

Black Market Bottle Cages

Now that I am the proud owner of a new 585 frame (soon to be my new ride) I wanted to get the matching Look carbon bottle cages. I found out from my dealer that they can not be imported into the USA. Not sure why we can get frames, seatposts, stems, etc, etc but not bottle cages but apparetnly tha ... Read More »

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