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Black Ops Crank Set

Has anyone ever heard of the company Black Ops? They made a crank set that I've been looking into. If you've heard about them please let me know. Thanks. RobRead More »

Black Ops...

Ok, which one of you nerds is going to be at WalMart tonight at midnight?Read More »

Call of Duty Black Ops...

I'm downloading the files now, pre-ordered on S.T.E.A.M. It's probably the same old same old, with slightly updated graphics, but what's $60 nowadays :D I might even call in sick that day, if it's good enough. Gotta use them sick days before the new year or lose them.Read More »

Are you ready for Call of Duty - Black Ops !?

I've been tired of MW2.. I can't wait for Black Ops! I just registered to get my copy of Call of Duty Black Ops before release... yeaaa!! If the form is accepting emails then they're still giving away pre-release copies! [url]http://referer.us/9/Ttucx1[/url] The single player FFA modes are go ... Read More »





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