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Does the 2013 Force shifter have the same guts as Red Black shifters?

I know they are advertising the 2013 Force levers with having the zero-loss on both left and right shifters like the older Red, but do they still have the old Force internals or upgraded Red internals? Anybody look inside one yet?Read More »

Another White kills Black: Darius Simmons

So in Milwaukee 76 year old white guy kills a black teen he believes stole guns from him. Old man quickly convicted and claim of mental defect denied. How can that happen? No racism? WTF? Sometimes the white guy is a bad guy and gets convicted. My prayers go out to the Simmons family.Read More »

Obama Told Me It's Tough Being Black!

I don't know if it is true or not but us white folk have heard car doors locked when we walked down the street too. Little old ladies clutched their purses as well. I can't believe we are still debating this crap in the 21st century. I don't need Obama telling me it's tough being a young man, whi ... Read More »

Cervelo S5 Black VWD

Bought a '12 VWD from a friend of mine and I am painting it in a satin black. Problem is, when I started prep I got everything done and then realized my dumb ass self forgot to measure the decals. I am getting custom ones done and need to get the measurements to the decal maker. Thanks!Read More »

Mad Black FM059 Monstercross CX

Just finished My build today...took the bike for a shake down ride...what a great frame. Awesome braking with the TRP HY/RD Hydro's with 160mm rotors...Great wheels from FarSports 50mm 23mm wide clinches with Continental Cyclo X King 35mm rubber. Going to be a great Cross season. -FM059 Frame ... Read More »





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