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Blue Competition Cycles ...?

Just heard a rumor that they might be going out of the bike business. Anyone else heard anything? I've ridden the AC1 and the Axino and have an older RC7 ... nice bikes!Read More »

Blue Competition Cycles

Hey guys, So, I picked this up a few months back. In any case, I am pleased with the bike though there are a few things that I need to change such as the stem, seat post and maybe even the handle bars as I realize that I am not a fan of the wing'd bar craze. Also the wheels. Too flexy! ... Read More »

Blue Competition Cycles T12

Just ordered a Blue Competition Cycles T12 frameset this weekend. I've read good things about their road bikes but was wondering if any of you guys had any experience with their tri/TT frame.Read More »

Blue Competition Cycles

I am looking into possibly getting one of these bikes ([URL="http://www.rideblue.com"]http://www.rideblue.com[/URL]) because one of my friends has a friend that is a rep but i don't know much about these and haven't heard much about them.... Can anyone help me out here or give me some advice??? ... Read More »

Blue Competition Cycles - CX5.5. Thoughts?

Anyone ride one of these? It comes with an Aerus full carbon fork. Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks! FFRead More »


Blue Competition Cycles Product Categories

Cyclocross Bike

Norcross 0
0   Reviews
$ 4000.00

Road Bike

AC1 4
2   Reviews
$ 4600.00
2   Reviews
$ 7800.00
RC7 4.25
4   Reviews
$ 2000.00
RD1 4.75
4   Reviews
$ 2650.00
RD1.2 5
1   Reviews
$ 3350.00

Triathlon Bike

Triad 3
2   Reviews
$ 4400.00




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