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Lubrication - Boeshield T-9

I have a vintage, 1966 steel frame bike that I used to road race with and continue to ride regularly. I sweat profusely when training, and keeping the Zeus aluminum chainring and other metal parts corrosion-free is a challenge. After each ride, I have to spend time applying WD-40 to all metal part ... Read More »

OK to spray Boeshield into headset?

I've rustproofed my steel frame road bike by spraying Boeshield into the top and bottom of the seat tube after removing the seatpost and crankset. I'd like to do the head tube area but don't have the tools (and expertise) to remove the headset. Would it be OK to just remove the headset cap and spray ... Read More »

Boeshield Product Line Info

Boeshield makes a few types of lube, only one of which they label as bike lube. I'd rather use an aerosol than a drip lube, so I e-mailed Boeshield to ask if I could use the aerosol lube (which is not labeled as a bike lube) on my chain. Here's the response. (Sorry if this is old news to people, ... Read More »

Boeshield T9

According to Boeshield web site T9 is a wax lube. What the difference between T9 and other wax lubes? I've notice several people mention using T9 on their chain and no one has jump in with the standard wax sucks posts (like you normally see with lubes like white lighting or ice wax).Read More »


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