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nkf vrouwen laarzen met bont ipe

iiboots [b][url=http://www.iiboots.com/]iiboots.com[/url][/b] hkqfam I simply acquired my Ugg boots right now, and that i really like ugg boot footwear! Cheap ugg boots do not compare in qualsale ugg sheepskin boots bootsy with other Ugg-look alikes. As much as sizing, I am a dimensions Half a dozen ... Read More »

Bont Zero

My new shoe just came in today. Ordered 2 month ago.Read More »

General Warning: Bont shoes, flat feet and general sizing

Hi there, I wanted to warn anyone considering buying Bont shoes who have flat feet that it is a bad idea! If you have flat feet, try them in a shop before you buy them. DO NOT buy them online. I bought a pair of the Zero model online - I stood in them on some carpet and basically my entire bo ... Read More »

Bont heat mold-ability: can I get my Bont's to cater for my flat feet?

Hi there people (who own Bont's and can answer my question), I just received a pair of Bont Zero's in the mail yesterday and have a slight issue: I forgot to tell the people at bont when ordering that I have very flat feet. The problem is that when I stand in the shoes, my entire body weight goes ... Read More »

Excel Sports has Bont CTT-Ones

for $199 in normal sizes. I would get a pair if I didn't have ergo's but I have to stop spending money on bike gear I don't need.Read More »





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