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Pro Bike: Newly-minted singlespeed national champion Tim Allen’s Foundry Harrow

Foundry bikes have a winning history, from Mackenzie Woodring’s win at the Barry Roubaix gravel race last year to Tim Allen’s singlespeed that rode him to victory at Nationals this year.   Read More »

Bike Profile: Junior Men 9-10 National Champion Paul Haley's Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross Bike

With four years of bike racing already under his belt, Paul Haley seized the moment, to take the National Championship title.   Read More »

Bike Profile: 2014 Junior Cyclocross National Champion Peter Goguen’s Specialized CruX Carbon Pro

Goguen, who rides for C.F. Racing, came into the 2014 Cyclocross National Championships as the default favorite in the Junior Men’s 17-18 race.   Read More »

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Swap 1990 Scott Boulder MTB components to a new "road" frame

Hello! I'm brand new here and I really need some input regarding my bike. I have this [URL="http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=66731"]Scott Boulder from 1990.[/URL] It's exactly the same, except the brakes where changed to cantilever somewhere back in time and I fitted road-slic ... Read More »

Any rides to Fort Collins from Boulder?

Does anybody ride from Boulder to Fort Collins? It's approximately 62 miles there. Some day I'd like to go down friday, stay with my girlfriend for the weekend, then come back to Boulder sunday. I was hoping I could join a group that may be doing it sometime or if anybody has suggestions on a ro ... Read More »

Boulder -- where to live?

Hey folks- I might be taking a new job in boulder and would be relocating to the area with my wife and 4 month old. We'd probably rent at first but look to buy a place within a year. What are good, family friendly areas round there? We've found some dream home-ish places in the mountains to the ... Read More »

Fox News covers Bad Attitude in Boulder

Shepard Smith did a quickie showing some of the video and that the guy got 4 tickets for his efforts. That's just shy of a couple of million folks who might think twice about how they treat cyclists who might have cameras. I'm pretty dead set against vigilante justice, but I'll make an exception ... Read More »

Bad Attitude In Boulder

A ....... jerk? .... in an FUV (**** you vehicle) was caught on video harrassing two Boulder cyclists. Story with video [url=http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/cyclists-in-boulder-county-had-their-camera-rolling-when-a-driver-suddenly-started-harassing-them]KMGH - Cyclists in Boul ... Read More »

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