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NNC: should I sell my old Merckx and get a Brompton?

The old Merckx is just gathering dust (have a few other road and cross bikes I ride more). I need a travel bike. Been kicking around the whole S&S couplers thing for a while now but it still seems to be too complex of a solution. I also need a bike to ride with my kid, something I can toss in a car ... Read More »

Brompton in Tibet

[url]http://www.foldabikes.com/CurrentEvents/Story/Tibet.html[/url]Read More »

London on a Brompton

Backstory: business took me this past week to Paris, Frankfurt, Bonn, London, and Manchester. I booked an extra day to spend Saturday in London...had a great day, beginning last night! Landed at Heathrow, took the express to Paddington Station. Cab to hotel, checked in showered changed, went for ... Read More »

nnc content - Brompton world cycling championship, no lycra please

Embedding disabled: [url]http://gmy.news.yahoo.com/vid/15923071/[/url] Roberto Heras won - wonder if there was a doping control?Read More »

The $50 Brompton I JUUUST missed....

Washing machine's broken and I can't get parts until Monday, so I took a load of stuff to the laundromat. Right down the street is a Salvation Army thrift store where I once bought a Brooks B17 for $1.50. I took a stroll through just to pass the time, and in a back corner under a pile of ironing boa ... Read More »





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