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Bryton Rider 35 vs. Garmin Edge 500

Hi I have started to look for new computer,so I came up to this two. Rider 35 and Edge seems equal,but Bryton is something new to me,as I never heard about them. The price is also something that is on Rider's side,but that is not that important to me.I want something that will work normaly,not ... Read More »

Bryton Rider use on trainer?????

Hi All, I have a bryton Rider GPS cycling computer which I was looking at using on my spare bike on the trainer. I've stuffed around for ages and can't get it to record time while stationary. Anybody out there using the Bryton on there trainer????? Cheers, WaldoRead More »

Bryton Rider 50

Any updates from users? The threads I found are rather outdated. It looks like they are not for sale in the US but can be bought in EBay.... read some good review in UK publications... Anybody in USA using them? Thanks!Read More »

Bryton GPS computers...anyone have one of these?

I did a search on here and nothing came up. Seems like a great deal if the things work. Basically cheaper versions of Garmin. I was thinking of getting a Sigma Rox 9.0, but if I get the Bryton 30 and add a cadence sensor im probably a nit cheaper and picking up some better features. Here they ... Read More »





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