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First Look: VeloVie Vitesse 500 with SRAM Red 22

Can a direct-to-consumer, web-based bike company deliver a high-quality racing rig for less? VeloVie thinks they can. We ride the Vitesse 500 to find out.    Read More »

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Burley D'lite differences(years)?

I am looking at picking up a Burley d'lite on CL. There are a couple that I think are good deals, but they seem to be different generations of the model. Can you tell what year they might be and what the differences might be? What should I look out for when buying one? [IMG]http://img6.imagesh ... Read More »

NNC Child Hauling Halp: Burley Solo. v. Chariot

What says y'all? The newer Burleys seem to be suprisingly like the Chariots, and a bit cheaper. [url=http://www.burley.com/home/bur/page_302/solo.html]Burley - Solo | Child Trailers[/url] But people rave about the Chariots, though I'm not sure if they're worth the extra coin: [url=http://w ... Read More »

Burley questions

Hi...I'm looking at purchasing a Burley off Craigslist but have a few questions...hoping for some advice. It's 7-8 years old, but in very good shape. Have there been advancements in the last 7 years in the way they ride and steer or other improvements? Should I be wary about buying an older mod ... Read More »

Burley Wolf Creek

How hard are Burley Wolf Creeks to find?Read More »

Burley Kidback Installation Question.

i have a Burley Paso Dablo Tandem and i ordered a Burley Kidback kit from Tandem East. when i installed the timing ring inside the crank, the ring is too close to the bike frame and the chain is rubbing against the frame. Can someone please let me know if there are alternatives of the installa ... Read More »

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