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Today with: The current Swiss Champion Markus Zberg

Even though I have already been in California for three days, I don’t quite feel that I have fully arrived yet. The nine hour time difference between the Western United States and Switzerland is indeed tough to get used to. The only advantage at the moment is that I don't have trouble waking up in t ...    Read More »

New iBike Sport™ Power Meter Delivers Accuracy and Affordability

Boca Raton, Florida - Using iBike's new Generation III power measurement technology, Velocomp provides the next power measurement breakthrough with the iBike Sport, a straight-forward, easy-to-use power meter retailing for $199. The new iBike Sport™ is a fitness-oriented power meter that uses the s ...    Read More »

Laying It Down In the Snow

We all have different Ideas on winter training, for some it is a vital time of year, laying the foundation for a big race mid summer or tuning speed for the early season duathlons. For some, winter will be a success if they gain less than 10 pounds. What ever your motivations for this winter; balan ...    Read More »

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Stopped running, will this affect my cardio endurance ON THE BIKE?

Im no triathlete and lets forget about which muscles are being worked between the two sports. Im just looking to see if I will lose my cardio endurance when cycling. I used to run only to maintain and develop good cardio. I stopped because I dont find it enjoyable and I cant fit it into my schedu ... Read More »

Is it just me of do cardio gains go away just as quickly as they are achieved?

I rode 40 miles every other day on vacation and half that on my recovery days. I wasn't able to get back on the bike for three weeks due to my grown up responsibilities. I felt like I was back to day one with my cardio capacity.:confused: Middle age sucks!:rolleyes:Read More »

Breaking the 20mph barrier: Legs vs. Cardio; Training Plateau?

I've been riding regularly/seriously for about a year. This spring/summer has been the first time I've been really focusing on finding ride time, and I've been doing 100-200 miles/week (usually 100-150 ish) in 3-4 rides per week. On a 25 mile solo ride, with the gentle hills that IL has, I can a ... Read More »

Cardio Efficiency; Heartbeats Per Mile

I switched (from MTB) to road riding to improve my fitness level several months ago, and I was looking for a simple metric that would indicate improved cardio efficiency, and I stumbled on the following: [B]average heartbeats per mile = average heartrate (BPM) x 60 / average speed (MPH)[/B] I ... Read More »

Cardio and strength workouts

Exercising is a lifestyle for many people who care about their health and want to be fit. Some people love working out and being active all the time, others make the sacrifice to do so but what counts at the end is that they are all taking care of their organism and that is simply all that matters. ... Read More »

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