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Italian Racing Bicycles Honors 40 Italian Cycling Brands

As with high fashion or sports cars, when the world speaks of racing bicycles the conversation soon turns to Italy. A gorgeous new hardcover book Italian Racing Bicycles: The People, The Products, The Passion traces the rich history of 40 landmark Italian cycling brands that are intimately connected ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

Featured User Review: Ridley Excalibur by Vitix2 Price: $800.00 at eBay Overall Rating: 4 of 5 Value Rating: 4 of 5 Bike Setup: Campy 11 Selle An Atomica saddle Thompson Elite seatpost FSA Stem Deda Newton Bar Fulcrum Racing 3s & Campy Protons Favorite Ride: I Like em all ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Featured User Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine by Vitix2 Price: $299 Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 3 of 5 Bike Setup: My indoor training/beater bike is a NOS Casati Gold Line (Columbus SPX)with old Campy and Mavic Open Pros.. Favorite Ride: I like em' All! Summary: I just took delivery ...    Read More »

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Casati Nova

Here's my new to me bike - NOS was fun to put together!Read More »

Casati 53x11 has arrived...

A few weeks back I had posted some questions about components among other things. Anyway, I ended up going with the Casati 53x11 with Campy Chorus, Ratio bars, stem and seat post. The wheels are Campy Zondas. Some of you had asked to post some photos, so here they are. The photos can't reall ... Read More »

1993 Casati bottom bracket type?

Ok guys need you help here. I have a 93 Casati bike, and I believe it uses a 68 mm cartridge bottom bracket type. (I have not taken it apart but my hunch is that it is). Right now the bike has a standard 53/39 Shimano crankset on it. I'm thinking of putting a compact 50/34 crankset on it. Howev ... Read More »

cracked Casati steel frame, can it be fixed?

I'm a newbie at road bikes but I inherited a 1993 Casati with "Columbus" marking on the frame and I'm learning this is a steel bike. Anyway, there is a crack on the downtube about 1/4 inch running across the downtube. The crack appears to have gone through the tube. At the crack area of course is al ... Read More »

Casati price advice

Anyone ever ridden/owned a Casati? Other than the company site, I don't find much info about older models. There's a pretty sweet looking one w/ older campy super record on ebay that I'm looking at, but the price is already close to my max. Any ideas on what this is worth? [url]http://cgi.ebay.c ... Read More »

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