Ciclosport computers

Does anyone have experience with these? My girlfriend has one she's trying to install on a Cannondale CAAD8, but we can't get the sensor to sit right on the fork. The only way we can get the computer to pick anything up is to have the wheel magnet actually contact the sensor. I don't have any ex ... Read More »

CicloSport products

Does anyone have any experience with CicloSport products? I am thinking about upgrading my HRM / computer to being 1 piece of hardware instead of 2 and adding features at the same time. Specifically I am looking at the CicloSport HAC4 Plus. Thoughts?Read More »

How to Replace Battery in Ciclosport HAC 4 Plus

Replaceing the battery on you HAC4 is quite simple. Tools 1) jewlers style phillips or regular screwdriver 2) tweasers 3) tape (optional) 4) battery CR2032 1) remove the watch band rods. They are spring loaded at each end. Be careful the can shoot out like a rocket. I put a piece of tape ... Read More »

Computers: Ciclosport CM4.21 v Sigma BC1606 BTS

Looking at these two computers. Anyone have any feedback on either. I especially like the fact that the Sigma has memory that saves your history even when changing the battery.Read More »

Ciclosport HAC4

Does anyone know if/how this can be mounted to the stem? [url][/url]Read More »


Ciclosport Product Categories


CM 408 0
0   Reviews
$ 50.00
CM 411 1
0   Reviews
$ 60.00
CM 434 Wireless Cyclometer 2.5
3   Reviews
$ 150.00
CM 436M Wireless Computer 2.75
4   Reviews
$ 220.00
HAC 4 Plus 2.83
20   Reviews
$ 399.00
HAC 4 Titanium Computer 3.06
10   Reviews
$ 300.00

Heart Rate Monitors

CC HAC 4 3.4
4   Reviews
$ 250.00


Domo Farm Frites Wintex Jacket 2.25
0   Reviews
$ 189.00
Domo Farm Frites Wintex Vest 5
0   Reviews
$ 110.00



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