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Cilo??? Road Bike/ Racer

I would like to sell this bike but need it appraised. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I went to my local bike shop and they told me a collector would love it. It was shipped to me from France in the late 70's. I was told It was Swiss made, custom made for an Italian racer who won a few ... Read More »

Any info on this Cilo carbon fibre frame?

I've recently acquired this NOS frame (few chips from bad storage) but can't find any info about it on the internet. All I know is that it's Swiss, with chameleon paintjob and apparently very rare and rather vintage (as far as carbon frames go). Here are some pics: [img]http://www.cybernc ... Read More »

Have you heard of Cilo? Is this used bike a good deal?

Hi all, First post! I am going to check out a bike put on craigslist, but before i do, i wanted to know if you could chime in about the bike. [url]http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/bik/1145616684.html[/url] [I]Rare handmade Swiss 14 speed very light and fast 59cm frame new bar tape and Sp ... Read More »

My new[old] Cilo

I just bought a Cilo yesterday off of CL. Any of you know much about this bike/company? Googling came up with a Swedish company that filed for bankruptcy in 2002. It was a good deal, though, so I picked it up and I'm probably going to convert it to a SS. Came with 105 components throughout. [ ... Read More »

Cilo Swiss bicycles

Does anyone know ANYTHING about Cilo (pronounced "Gilo") bicycles? Its a Swiss company that apparently had a few winning teams way back when, but I think the company recently went bankrupt. I've got a Cilo monocoque carbon frame, but I can't find out anything about the company...Read More »


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