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"Clean Bottle" is absolutely pointless

After my ride, I put a drop of dish soap in my water bottle, fill it with water, shake it up, squirt it out, and then rinse it out. It takes a total of about 60 seconds, and I don't get mold or any other issues. Is this really so hard to do? The Clean Bottle just seems like a solution to a pr ... Read More »

Clean Bottle Guy Official Thread

Anyone seen the Clean Bottle guy running around the Tour de France? He is a riot, looks like he's about to tip over onto the peleton as they ride by but he always manages to stay just out of the way. What a brilliant idea, I hear his sales have increased per day what he was selling in a month. ... Read More »

Proper way to Clean Water Bottle?

Whats the best way to clean a water bottle, i usually put gatorade or accerade in my water bottle, and after a ride i forget to soak it with water, the following day its hard to raise it and clean it well, should i use some special soap and soak it in water? I think my water bottle is filled with b ... Read More »


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