fi$cal clif and armegedon

The word Armageddon comes from two separate Hebrew words; Har and Mageddon. Har is the Hebrew word for hill or mountain. Mageddon refers to the ruins of the ancient city of Megiddo (a fortified city built by King Solomon) that overlooks the area located in northern Israel known as The ... Read More »

Clif Bar oddity?

My usual snack on a longer ride (> 40 mi.) is a Clif Bar every 1.5 hours. Now, I've been most fond of the more 'fruit' oriented types: Apricot, Black Cherry, Carrot Cake, Blueberry.... and less fond of the Chocolate/Peanut Butter varieties. Some time ago, the Apricot flavor disappeared from the shop ... Read More »

Clif Bar alternatives

I have been eating Clif Bars on my rides for quite some time now, but have have gotten sick of them and they are getting tougher and tougher to get down during a ride. When I get them down they work great, but I'm interested in what others are eating. Eating is the key, because I like to eat somethi ... Read More »

Clif Bars @ Kroger's...

[FONT=Verdana]...if you like them, they're a buck a bar this week, which is as good a price as I get.[/FONT]Read More »

PBK - Clif Bars 50% off (hmm...sortof)

With XMAS code comes to $13-$14 shipped for a box of 15 Clif Bars...but these are not the same size as US Clif Bars. These Clif Bars are 50g each not the 68g size sold in the US! [URL=""][/URL]Read More »


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