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Tested: Cobb DRT SHC Saddle

Depending on your shape, this light but rugged saddle could be a perfect perch for your cyclocross, gravel or road bike.    Read More »

Cobb Cycling Announces Availability of SHC Road Saddle

Aerodynamics Expert & Components Designer John Cobb to Introduce Latest Products at Interbike Tyler, TX – John Cobb announced today the immediate availability of the latest addition to his line of Cobb Cycling saddles, the SHC road. The SHC, as well as the V-Flow, Plus, Max and HC170 models, ca ...    Read More »

Cobb Cycling Introduces Newest Saddle: The Max John Cobb Builds on Success of His V-Flow Saddle Line with New Model

Tyler, TX – Cobb Cycling has announced the immediate availability of its Max saddle, the latest addition to John Cobb’s line of rider-friendly bicycle saddles. Cobb has worked with many of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world, including Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond, and has been conside ...    Read More »

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Cobb SHC not working for me

I know some people who swear by this saddle, however its not working for my sit bones. Anyone in the same boat as me who has tried a Cobb SHC or any cut out saddle that didn't work? I know this is a personal preference and trial and error type problem, but specifically, has anyone gone from a Cobb S ... Read More »

Cobb V Flow saddle, anyone else using one?

What is your opinion of this saddle on long rides? I did a short 6 mile ride with the LBS's "Test" saddle and it felt really comfortable and such an improvement over the stock Bontrager that came with my bike. I just got one and have yet to test it on 60+ mile rides. Just waiting a few more hours ... Read More »

Cobb saddle reviews

I have done some searching but haven't come up with any reviews for Cobb saddles. I have bounced some e-mails back and forth with them and have appreciated all the time they have spent answering my questions but would like some real riders input. If anyone out there is riding these saddles I ... Read More »

Has anyone been fitted by John Cobb?

I was thinking of getting a fit and was wondering has anyone been fitted by John Cobb? I hear his fitting is based on making the bike fit the rider. Is he similar to steve hogg of australia and his fitting principles? I want a general fit not a time trail or trai fit.Read More »

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