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new San Marco Concor saddle in 2012

[url=http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/?pg=fullstory&id=9587&status=True&catname=Latest]2011-12 Show Time: Dealer Camp Paradise[/url] NewsRead More »

John Henry: Concor saddle ?

If I recall correctly, you have a Concor saddle. Can you tell me how wide it is? I'm thinking about trying that or a Regal saddle. I'd appreciate the info. I need a wider saddle than normal, and the shape looks comfy.Read More »

Anyone have experience with both Specialized Romin and San Marco Concor?

Romin has been my go to choice for road but I'm already on the hunt for a new saddle for cx season. I like the front to back profile of the Romin and how it kind of creates a pocket in the middle. San Marco Concor Lite looks to have a similar shape - kind of banana seat looking - I'm wondering if a ... Read More »

Anyone use selle san marco concor saddle

for mtb'ing? i have one on my old cannondale. anyone, anyone? bueller?Read More »

Selle San Marco Concor Light Saddle

I usually ride the selle San Marco Aspide on my bikes. But have been entertaining the Concor Light. NO LBSin my area offers the Concor light. Is it THAT good of a saddle to have survived so long? Is it very comfortable. I understand the "delicate" nature of saddles, but I need some feedba ... Read More »





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