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Pro Bike: Bart Wellens' Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Rig (Video)

Take an up close look at the uniquely spec’d bike of two-time world and Belgian national champion Bart Wellens.   Read More »

Pro Bike: Sunweb / Napoleon Games’ Yorben Van Tichelt’s Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Bike

You might see a lot of Ridley cyclocross bikes at your local race, but it’s not every day you get to see one being raced by one of the top cyclocross teams in the world.    Read More »

Specialized S-Works Chicane Saddle Review

Specialized S-Works Chicane Saddle - MSRP $299 A Chicane is defined as a series of tight turns in opposite directions on an otherwise straight stretch of a road. So it’s fitting that Specialized’s newest S-Works saddle should be called the Chicane---it represents a few rapid changes of direction wh ...    Read More »

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new San Marco Concor saddle in 2012

[url=http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/?pg=fullstory&id=9587&status=True&catname=Latest]2011-12 Show Time: Dealer Camp Paradise[/url] NewsRead More »

John Henry: Concor saddle ?

If I recall correctly, you have a Concor saddle. Can you tell me how wide it is? I'm thinking about trying that or a Regal saddle. I'd appreciate the info. I need a wider saddle than normal, and the shape looks comfy.Read More »

Anyone have experience with both Specialized Romin and San Marco Concor?

Romin has been my go to choice for road but I'm already on the hunt for a new saddle for cx season. I like the front to back profile of the Romin and how it kind of creates a pocket in the middle. San Marco Concor Lite looks to have a similar shape - kind of banana seat looking - I'm wondering if a ... Read More »

Anyone use selle san marco concor saddle

for mtb'ing? i have one on my old cannondale. anyone, anyone? bueller?Read More »

Selle San Marco Concor Light Saddle

I usually ride the selle San Marco Aspide on my bikes. But have been entertaining the Concor Light. NO LBSin my area offers the Concor light. Is it THAT good of a saddle to have survived so long? Is it very comfortable. I understand the "delicate" nature of saddles, but I need some feedba ... Read More »

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