Know anything about Cook's cranks ?

Have some Cook's cranks. Pretty nice, and I'd hope to just have a usable set period for whatever build. Was thinking they were the CQP era M-2000's but they have no arrow tips. Machined top and bottom profiles. 181mm, 110 bcd outer. See pic. Bike they came from was a Gary Fisher from the early 90 ... Read More »

nicole cook's retirement speech

[url=]Nicole Cooke's retirement statement in full | Sport |[/url]Read More »

best way to cook a turkey

maybe i should say "season." never did it before, but i got a hold of an eight pound brined little beauty, he's gonna be thawed out tomorrow night i figure some aromatics in and under the cavity bird up on a rack. some olive earl under the skin at the breast, liberal coarse salt and ground pepper ... Read More »

Should vegetarians be allowed to cook dishes containing meat?

I'm not talking the simple cut of steak, fish or fowl. I'm talking seasoned dishes with meat like stew, chili, etc. My reasoning is this: if they can't or won't taste it how can they know if they did it right?Read More »

Tim Cook, Apple's New CEO, Rides A....

Ok, so Steve Jobs has stepped aside (though he'll be back... and more powerful than you could ever imagine), and Tim Cook has stepped into the CEO slot for good. Cook is often referred to in the press as "an avid cyclist." That just begs the question: Tim Cook, CEO billionaire, head of one o ... Read More »




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