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Coombe pedals (!)

New to the forum. Just found my Coombe pedals after they were in hiding for a decade in the basement. I didn't use them very much at all. I thought they were great but then sold my road bike (but kept the pedals just in case). Of course Coombe disappeared as a company. I recall reading on the Review ... Read More »

what happened to Coombe??

anyone know? his site has been down for weeks now...did he go outta business?Read More »

What happened to Coombe Pedal Company?

The website is down, and they haven't returned my emails for several months. I guess I should take a hint.... they must be out of business. Too bad. I hope someone else takes over the patent. The design is one of the best ever made. it was at: [url]www.coombe.com[/url] BTW: anybody out t ... Read More »

Coombe pedal feedback and questions

Anyone out there using or had experience with Coombe pedals? I've read the reviews, but still want to hear more. [URL=http://www.coombe.com]Coombe website[/URL] What's your honest assessment of the durability and performance? I understand they have a Millenium version of cleat to work with ... Read More »

Pedals: Keywin v. Coombe v. Time Impact

I have been riding SPDs, and am considering Time Impact Mag Ti pedals for my new bike. I like the adjustability of the Impacts over the SPD-SLs, but don't like the fact that they tend to cosmetically wear quickly (at least the 2004 model uses recessed, rather than screened, lettering in the cleat a ... Read More »





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