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craig list and selling bike

when i list an ad. i now try to make sure it says no shipping local transaction only. cash. how do you deal with a out of state buyer who thinks you are going to sell to them. the typical Craigslist buyer who doesn't want to pay what you are asking, and has a millions things wrong ... Read More »

Local Craig's List Kestrel Carbon E-bike

A-Team awesome or Fred-tacular Fail? [url=http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/bik/3221961781.html]Kestrel Carbon Electric E-bike[/url]Read More »

Craig's List Wins, Loses, and Awkwardness

Had a huge CL win this past weekend. I was cleaning out my shed and put some stuff up for free. It's amazing how fast people flock to free stuff, even if it sucks or doesn't work. Also- My old company had an internal message board where people could sell stuff, ask you to sponsor them for t ... Read More »

Craig Hummer demoted why?

Anyone know why he was demoted from versus host of tdf to field reporter?Read More »

Craig Lewis Bike accident

Apoloigize if this has been posted....but a great look at the backround of a severe accident and the feelings it engenders. Len Edit: written by Vaughters who was Lewis' DS at the time of the crash. [URL="http://www.cyclingnews.com/blogs/jonathan-vaughters/to-live-and-be-alive"]http://www.cycl ... Read More »





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