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Crank brothers/time pedal cleat question

Ok, I was given a set of eggbeaters. I have a mtn bike with time pedals on it. I can't remember, is it crank brothers cleats will work with time pedals, or is it the other way around? Thanks. BillRead More »

Crank Brothers Cobalt XC SL headset

does anyone have any experience with this headset? ( [url=http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=24980]Crank Brothers Cobalt XC SL 2010 | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com[/url] ) the review at competitive cyclist says the installation is rather finicky ( [url=http://www.compet ... Read More »

Crank Brothers Warranty Dilemma

In May I purchased some Crank Brothers Eggbeater 2 pedals. I have been happy with their performance. However, I noticed the other day that they have begun to rust significantly on both the outer wing and body. The strangest part is that the part that is rusting is the stainless steel instead of t ... Read More »

Dear Crank Brothers,

You make a number of products that I really like. I like your pedals. I really like them. I have 15+ pairs of them in my garage, on various bikes and ready to go on various bikes. But this new stem has me baffled. $300 for a stem????!!! Really? You can't be serious. I don't care what it weig ... Read More »

crank brothers candy pedals???

I've been using crank brothers candy pedals on my cross bike. I like them, and my shoe combo, but it's all I've ever used. I'm getting my first good road bike and was wondering if I should switch to a look style pedal? I know the crank brothers pedals aren't really considered road pedals, but they l ... Read More »





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