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What about Carmichael/Train Right/CTS...

Now that all the Lance truth has dropped and it's obvious that Carmichael never really was any kind of coach to Lance, and that it was built on lies like Livestrong was, what now becomes of his empire? Will it ultimately matter to anyone that he is full of it? Is he more about selling DVDs, expen ... Read More »

CTS Field Test

Hello, I have done CTS field test, 2x 8min TT with 10min break. In both tries I got avg HR at 184 and I'd like to ask you does it show anaerobic threshold, or something else? Thanks in advance.Read More »

CTS Field Test Results...identical from 2011??

I took the CTS Field Test last year in March. I followed the TCTP New Century program and rode my first century ride last May. I then rode in a number of other events (less than century) and did frequent rides until it got too cold and then hit the trainer in the winter and just recently have been ... Read More »

CTS fieldtest HRM data- done correctly?

Hey everyone, Just gave my first go at the CTS field test (as per the TCTP). I only have heart rate data and performed the test on my cycle ops trainer (indoors). Just looking to verify that the data looks as it should. I guess the only thing I am concerned about is the time that it took for m ... Read More »

CAT5 Race 1 7 weeks into CTS

Completed my first race as a CAT5. 8 weeks of total training and 7 weeks into the Carmichael time crunch program. Race: 32 (2 laps) mile Tour De Frankenmuth. Course reletively flat with a few sections of rolling hills. Conditions were not ideal; 52 degrees, 15-20mph winds and light rain. 5 ... Read More »





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