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NAHBS in a Nutshell

Portland turned out to be an excellent host city for the Handmade Show. We flew in to Portland from LAX first thing Saturday morning, walked out the airport doors and stepped on to the waiting Max lightrail. A quick 40 minute train ride costing only $2 and we were dropped off at the Convention Cen ...    Read More »

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Curtlo Custom Bikes

Any body have a Curtlo steel frame? ThanksRead More »

New Curtlo Cross

Yup I like. Very much. Doug had this frame on hand and after a bunch of measurements he said, "Ya know...I think this one is right in the zone for you". So I took a chance and got a great deal from him. The thing rides like butter. Handles so very well, on and off road. On the road, cruises like ... Read More »

Custom Curtlo S3 Build

So, for a variety of reasons I had a Curtlo frame sitting in my basement for the better part of a year waiting to be built, but alas, the time came to make it a bike. For better or for worse, here's the result. (My) logic dictated that since it was [I]SO[/I] orange, it [I]had[/I] to be built with a ... Read More »


anyone have one? if you do would you mind posting some pics and tales of your experience with him. i had a fairly nice email convo with them this morning and had alot of questions answered but would like some opinions before i drop a chunk of change on a custom bike.Read More »

Curtlo custom

Just built this up. New frame with cobbled parts, my favorite, Centaur shifter, derailluers, chorus brakes, record crank and some wheels from a stripped frame. i'm digging it.Read More »

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Cyclocross 5
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