Featured User Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Featured User Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine by Vitix2 Price: $299 Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 3 of 5 Bike Setup: My indoor training/beater bike is a NOS Casati Gold Line (Columbus SPX)with old Campy and Mavic Open Pros.. Favorite Ride: I like em' All! Summary: I just took delivery ...    Read More »

Veltec Sports partners with Prologo - the winning saddles of the 2008 Tour de France

(Carson City, NV and Boulder, CO) Veltec Sports, the company that markets and distributes some of the finest cycling brands, announced today the expansion of their product offerings to include Prologo, the Italian brand of saddles. Veltec Sports became the exclusive distributor of the complete Prol ...    Read More »

Breaking Away From Diabetes with the CycleOps PowerTap SL 2.4 - part 3

By Russ Bartholet With a little over three weeks worth of illness and only three rides during that time it is good to be back on the road to recovery. Anyone that has tried to ride when sick knows how difficult and frustrating it can be. Looking back I can now see when I started to get sick. My ave ...    Read More »

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Cyclops Joule problem

So my recent battery has only been in for two days, but there's a battery dead symbol up on the screen and there's no life in it. Anyone know what the problem is??Read More »

Used Cyclops Fluid 2 kit or Travel Track Fluid Unit

This will be my 1st trainer I found a kit on craigslist (Cyclops Fluid 2) with mat, wheel block, and frame sweat protector for $275....Guy used it 5 times, so he sez....I was gonna offer $200 for the kit ( would go $250) Or do I just but a NEW travel track fluid trainer for 169.00 from PB W ... Read More »

Albino Cyclops Shark? No ****.

Comments aren't kidding, really does make me think of Mike Wazowksi [url=http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/10/pictures/111013-shark-albino-one-eyed-fetus/]Pictures: Rare "Cyclops" Shark Found[/url] [QUOTE]Earlier this year fisher Enrique Lucero León legally caught a pregnant dusky sha ... Read More »


Got the $400 Cyclops fluid trainer at Wheel and Sprocket in Greenfield for $229. Quiet as a mouse. Now I can watch me new plasma and all Wisconsin has to offer on demand. Love it. Only used it on the Orbea...simple to use, but the my Madone is for sale..... (hint):DRead More »

Trainer - Cyclops Fluid 2 vs JetFluid vs KK

I had an issue with my clamp on my Travel Trac Fluid Trainer and performance says send her back. So! With that in mind, I've decided to upgrade from the Travel Trac to Cyclops or Kinetic. Opinions / Comments -> Cyclops Fluid 2 or Cyclops JetFluid Pro or Kinetic Fluid?Read More »

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