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Dahon Files Lawsuit Against Former Officers

Lawsuit charges Joshua Hon and Florence Hon for breaching their fiduciary duties as officers of Dahon and unlawfully using company assets, resources and intellectual property to start a competing company Duarte, California - Dahon North America Inc. 12Dahon34, the world leader in folding bicycles ...    Read More »

First Look - 2011 Dahon Folding Bikes

Steve Boyd from Dahon Folding Bikes, gives us a quick sneek peak at two new models coming down the line for 2011.   Read More »

Dahon and ECF to Celebrate 25 Years of Championing Green Mobility at Velo-city

Dahon Founder and CEO to Speak at Largest International Cycling Policy Conference, Fleet of 200 Folding Bikes to Await Participants Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles, announced that it will be participating for the second time in Velo-city, the largest international conference devoted to i ...    Read More »

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dahon c7 eco vs speed uno

hi there. I'm looking for a bike to take home w/ me to pittsburgh (very hilly) and on other business trips to places that will very likely be more mountainous than miami, where i live now. I really like the look of the speed uno and ride fixed on all my full-size bikes, so i'd probably prefer the ... Read More »

Need Help - Dahon bike..changing handlebars?

Hi...I am relatively new - only have 5 posts - on this website. Initially I posted this as a reply in the "newer and new" forum because I didn't have enough posts to start a new thread. I now have enough posts - and I think this is the proper forum. I am a frequent poster on the Photography Revie ... Read More »

Dahon Mu Uno

Has anybody ridden the Dahon Mu Uno. I'm contemplating on getting one to commute to work so I can fold it and stash it inside instead of leaving my bike locked outside. I liked the simplicity of a single speed bike. Is it pricy ($650) for a single speeder 'cause dahon has models in the same price ra ... Read More »

BioLogic bike mount for iPhone by Dahon

BioLogic bike mount for iPhone by Dahon Last February, I bought on Amazon.com a Iphone bike mount-Biologic brand (manufactured by Dahon) for my road bike. U.S. $ 53 When i tried to fix it on my byke, I realised the Universal bracket with Quick Release system is weak. It is not possible ... Read More »

Dahon Product Categories

Commuter Bike

Briza D7 24" Wheel Folding Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 799.00
Espresso 26" Wheel Folding Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 699.00
Mariner D7 Folding Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 599.99
Speed D7 Folding Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 549.99
Speed P8 Folding Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 699.99

Folding Bike

Boardwalk S1 0
0   Reviews
$ 320.00
Espresso 0
0   Reviews
$ 699.00
Hammerhead 5
1   Reviews
$ 1600.00
Jack D7 0
0   Reviews
$ 650.00
Mariner D7 0
0   Reviews
$ 600.00
Matrix 0
0   Reviews
$ 849.99
Mu P8 0
0   Reviews
$ 730.00
Speed D7 0
0   Reviews
$ 490.00
Speed P8 0
0   Reviews
$ 650.00
Tournado 0
0   Reviews
$ 2300.00
Vitesse D7 0
0   Reviews
$ 800.00


Biologic Iphone Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 59.99


Radius V Comfort Handlepost 0
0   Reviews
$ 80.00




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