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Chrome Vs. Dakine Vs. Ortlieb

I'm not sure what to get here. So I leave it to the lounge to help me out. I need a new bag as my messenger bag is destroying my back and my strength on my longer distance commutes. I need something that is pretty water proof and it needs to be a backpack and holds a good amount of junk and has spac ... Read More »


Dakine Product Categories

Bike Bags

Exchange Messenger Bag 1350cu in 0
0   Reviews
$ 54.95
Hudson Messinger Bag 1200cu in 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.95
Messenger Bag 1400cu in 0
0   Reviews
$ 79.95
Porter Bag 1200cu in 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.95


Chinook Glove 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.95




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