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Registration is Now Open for the 2012 Seattle Bicycle Expo Presented by Raleigh

Register now for Cascade Bicycle Club's (www.cascade.org) two-day consumer bicycle expo which will be held this year on Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11, 2012. For its third year the event will be held in the deluxe, two-story Smith Cove Cruise Terminal. With 8,000-10,000 attendees throughout ...    Read More »

2011 Devil Mountain Double Ride Report

2011 Devil Mountain Double Ride Report - by ratpick The 16th Annual Devil Mountain Double Century took place on April 30th, 2011. Forum contributor ratpick rode it for the first time and wrote up a beautiful ride report we thought we'd share with everyone. Especially those of you who are thinking ...    Read More »

Save the date for the 2011 Seattle Bicycle Expo presented by Raleigh

BIKE EXPO RETURNS ON MARCH 12 & 13, 2011 AT SMITH COVE CRUISE TERMINAL The Seattle Bicycle Expo, a two-day consumer bicycle expo produced by the Cascade Bicycle Club (www.cascade.org/expo), is scheduled for Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2011. In 2010, local and national exhibitors fr ...    Read More »

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Stihl Tour des Trees 2013; (585 miles/6 day)

This is probably not a very well known tour, but if you like trees and cycling then it may be a ride to look into next year (Wisconsin in 2014). THE EVENT [Quote]The 2013 STIHL Tour des Trees*promises an international adventure for cyclists. Tracing a 585-mile route around Lake Ontario, the 2013 To ... Read More »

That's it, I'm Doin' Atkins. Today is Day One. (Feb 6)

Wish me luck. I currently weigh 241 (on a 5'10" frame), and I'm going for 175... which will take several months, I'm sure. I'm just really, really REALLY sick of persistence of my weight issues, despite my consistent history of working out. :frown2: Of course, maintaining the workouts while on ve ... Read More »

6 Day racing coverage

Zesdaagse van Amsterdam.([url]www.zesdaagseamsterdam.nl[/url]) The organizer is providing video highlights and interviews every day. A daily recap in english can be found on the website Upcoming 6-Days: Ghent, Rotterdam, Bremen, Zürich, Berlin and Copenhagen. Fiorenzuola is in the summer.Read More »

pedal broke on my 6 day old bike

Hi, I bought a Giant Rapid 4 six days ago. On my first day out I got a flat tire, which I wasn't happy about, but it was an $8 fix so it wasn't a big deal. I have maybe put about 60km on the bike total. Today I was riding and the pedal felt weird, sure enough the bolt that keeps the pedal atta ... Read More »

6 Day races Rotterdam

Sweet!!!!!! Evenings European time until January 11, the 6-day races from Rotterdam, evenings European time, like, right now. [url]http://www.sport.nl/[/url] Click on the arrow in the circle next to "Rabobank Zesdaagse van Rotterdam" for live video. How can you beat a track cycling + pa ... Read More »

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