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Pricing De Bernardi Alle with Veloce components

Hey guys, its been a while! I'm not even sure how many people are still around from the day's when this board helped be select my bike. With a bit of a heavy heart, I've decided to sell the De Bernardi. Its been decorating the wall of my garage for 5 years now as I've built my career. In tru ... Read More »

de Bernardi specs?

I just picked up a de Bernardi frame made from Altec 2 to do a build with. It hasn't arrived yet and I've been trying to research it, to pick up parts. Does anyone know much about these frames or if there are specs available anywhere. I haven't been able to find much online, especially on the sli ... Read More »

Need information on De Bernardi Frame

I bought a De Bernardi Thron road bike with Shimano 105 components and should be expecting it to come sometime next week. After hours and hours of searching, I still cannot find a lot of information about the company or the frame itself. Attached is the picture of the frame I bought. I can onl ... Read More »

De Bernardi fixed

I got my De Bernardi back from the shop on Thursday, and it's been "fixed." It was dark and rainy last night, so I worked on getting the saddle and stem adjusted just right. By the time I got home this afternoon it was almost dark, so I only had enough time for a quick spin around the neighborhood f ... Read More »

De Bernardi XLR8 Carbon

Hi, Does anyone have any experience of this frame? I've looked online but with little luck. Any feedback would be much appreciated as I'll be building this up over the next few months. Thanks, johnRead More »





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