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De Marchi sizing question...

Thinking of these bib tights. I am 6'0" and around 180 pounds with a 35" inseam. They are the only bibs with chamois I've found that seem like they'll be good down to the 20's with a bit of snow mixed in. I prefer to wear only one layer on my bottom, hence the tights with chamois built in. I have ne ... Read More »

de Marchi & Descente vs. Assos sizing

Anyone ever try Assos and either of the two others? How did sizing translate betwixt 'em? Anyone currently using Descente Optima stuff? Thoughts?Read More »

De Marchi Sport Celebrates 60th Anniversary

[CENTER][SIZE=3]DE MARCHI SPORT CELEBRATES 60TH ANNIVERSARY WITH LIMITED EDITION [I]CONTOUR RACING[/I] JERSEY AND BIB SHORT[/SIZE] [/CENTER] To commemorate the company's 60th anniversary, De Marchi Sport has developed its most advanced line of cycling ... Read More »

De Marchi Contour Plus Bib Shorts

Anybody have these that can offer an opinion on comfort and quality?Read More »

bib shorts - Liquigas-Pata or De Marchi Contour

As a new rider and never owning a pair of bib shorts, Performance Bike has Liquigas-Pata and De Marchi Contour bib shorts on sale. I don't know anything about these brands or how tight they run. Any comments about which one is better?Read More »


DE MARCHI Product Categories


Canvas 0
0   Reviews
$ 48.95


Evo 0
0   Reviews
$ 59.95


SL Foldable 0
0   Reviews
$ 98.95


C+ S/S 0
0   Reviews
$ 149.95
C+ S/S Women's 0
0   Reviews
$ 134.95


C+ Bib 0
0   Reviews
$ 197.95
CL Bib Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 119.95
CL Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.95
Contour Plus Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.95




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