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Heard of deLorme GPS?

Anyone heard of this GPS equipment for cycling use?Read More »

Delorme Topo USA 6.0 and total elevation gain

Does anyone have experience calculating total elevation gain for various rides, especially as related to the statistics provided by Topo USA 6.0? I am the coordinator for the upcoming 8th annual Country Coast Classic century out of Cambria, CA. I have used Topo USA 6.0 to describe the route. The pro ... Read More »

DeLorme Topo USA 5.0 review

I've been using DeLorme Topo since it first came out years ago. I just bought the most recent edition (western US) advertised here by the DeLorme rep, and got it at the offered discount. I've been using it, and sorry to say, I don't like it as well as prior editions. The map data is marginally up ... Read More »

Discount on DeLorme Topo Mapping Software

With Gregg's okay, we at DeLorme would like to extend an offer to visitors of roadbikereview.com that is normally reserved for our registered customers. After reading the forums here we realized that those of you who have used our software have embraced it as an aid to your sport. For more info ... Read More »





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