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Chrome Launches Fixed Free Series - Delta and District

Chrome Industries is proud to introduce the new Fixed Free series that hits stores and online today. The Delta and District are a perfect fit into the Chrome line with their big mouths that are great hauling twelve packs to 3 ring binders. Compression strap expands 50%. Integrated pockets for laptop ...    Read More »

Delta 7 Sports Ascend Iso Truss road bike

Lester Muranaka from Delta 7 Sports shows us the production Ascend road bike. He also explains how Delta 7 Sports has addressed the bond issues that they had with past bikes (like the hardtail mountain bikes at the Outdoor Demo at Interbike last year). Also, there is some big changes coming for the ...    Read More »

Interbike 2013: New Carbon Clincher Wheels From Rolf Prima

Rolf Prima has updated its road wheel line with a pair of new carbon clincher offerings, the 42mm Ares4 and 60mm Ares6.   Read More »

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Delta time......What does it represent?

Looking at my last race results, couldn't figure out what the delta number stands for (mine was 1.6). The other racers numbers were all over the place.Read More »

Covers for Look Delta Teflon cleats?

I'm getting a couple of older bikes back in shape. Both come with the old Look pedals, so I bought a new set of Look cleats, and ordered a set of Delta cleat covers from Kool Kovers. Unfortunately, when they arrived, I found they wouldn't fit, and a further check revealed that the covers were only f ... Read More »

Mixing early Delta brakes with w/later brake handles

An acquaintance tells me that using 1st generation Delta brakes with a 1990's vintage Chorus brake handle/shifter is not a good idea. Brake pull being different and I would get less than optimal brake pressure:idea:. Now mixing the handles with different model derailleurs and manufacturers.... ... Read More »

Delta Brakes

Just wondering if these are worth the beauty to hassle ratio. It seems as if they are as pretty as things get, but also impossible to install, and their workings seem super hit or miss. Some people claim they are the best ever, while others say they are all or nothing. Are they worth the troub ... Read More »

Airborne Delta, junk or no at $750

Looking for a winter/gravel riding bike. I came across this Airborne bike for a decent price. I actually only want to spend around $500, but this seems worth it for the apex group? [url=http://www.airbornebicycles.com/products/99-delta.aspx]Airborne Bicycles. Delta[/url]Read More »

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Delta Product Categories

Bar Tape

Aztec Vibe Wrap 4
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

Bike Rack

Bike Hitch Fork Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 30.00
Botticelli Storage Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 130.00
Braque Multi Sports 0
0   Reviews
$ 150.00
Crossbar Substitute 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Donatello Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.99
El Greco Ceiling Hoist 0
0   Reviews
$ 35.00
Leonardo Single Bike Wall Mount Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.00
Manet Single Bike Floor Stand 0
0   Reviews
$ 30.00
Michaelangelo Gravity Stand 0
0   Reviews
$ 90.00
Monet Storage Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 35.47
Seurat 2 Bike Stand 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
Stableloader Truck 0
0   Reviews
$ 120.00
Stableloader Wheel Hitch 0
0   Reviews
$ 16.99
Tintoretto 2 Bike Tension Storage 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00

Brake Pads

Aztec 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.95
Aztec Mags 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 33.00
Aztec Ultra V 0
0   Reviews
$ 16.00


Duracote 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.50
Duracote Derailleur 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.60


Cargo Net 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.00
Post Haste Quick Release 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00




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