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Quick Take: 2010 DeRosa Corum – Steel in the Peloton

Quick Take: 2010 DeRosa Corum – Steel in the Peloton - By Kurt Gensheimer From the pro peloton to local USCF races, carbon fiber is the material du jour these days. Forks, wheels, components, water bottle cages, headset spacers; they’re all made of carbon. And of course, the frame, the nucleus of e ...    Read More »

Eurobike 2013 Gallery: 13 Disc-Equipped Road Bikes

Any lingering doubts about the intensity of the coming wave of disc brake-equipped road bikes has been put to rest at this year’s Eurobike trade show. There’s a ton of roadie rotors in southern Germany, with just about every bike-maker here showing off at least one model spec’d with disc brakes.   Read More »

Scapin is Back in the USA and Canada

One of the most prestigious Italian brands, renowned for its boutique production of top of the range carbon fiber and carbon/steel frames, is now arriving in the U.S. market through Canadian based STAGE-RACE DISTRIBUTION. Scapin is one of the most prestigious Italian brands, renowned for their qu ...    Read More »

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Paging OEH...deRosa with the 50th Anniversary Group....

Looks fine--I can pack and ship if you have stumbled into some money recently....Read More »

Is DeRosa out of business yet?

Just noticing how this forum is evaporating, no pro team use, and I don't see anyone riding them anywhere.Read More »

DeRosa R848 Frameset - Nashbar

Decent deal on the R848 @ nashbar. Don't buy every last one of them guys ... i'm thinking about getting one myself :)Read More »

non derosa?

Was there another derosa builder? His frames look a little similar. I saw an example here. [url]http://wantaframes.com/[/url]Read More »

Blemish care on an older DeRosa SLX

Hi! I posted this on another forum and then I recalled RBR had a DeRosa sub-forum, so I would like to draw on the knowledge base here. I recently bought a very nice possibly early 90's CrMo SLX DeRosa. The frame is beautiful, but has a few spots where the paint has been chipped to the bare metal. ... Read More »

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