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diamond back podium 4

any thoughts or comprable ridesRead More »

Raleigh & Diamond Back frame weight

Has anyone weighed their Raleigh RX frame stripped? I ride a Diamond Back Steilacoom which is identical and I'd like to know what the frame weighs.Read More »

Diamond back Previal

Hey everybody, I heard the Diamondback Prevail was made from Columbus Max by accident. How cool is that? [IMG]http://www.use.com/images/s_2/VINTAGE_DIAMOND_BACK_PREVAIL_TG_ROAD_BIKE_SHIMANO_61d00d780513ae9f089e_1.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Diamond Back Racing Podium 1, anybody ride one?

I haven't seen any discussion of Diamond Back Racing bikes. I am looking specifically at the Podium 1. Does anybody have any experience with the DBR bikes?Read More »

Diamond Back CF Frames

Anyone know anything about the Diamond Back DBR Podium 4 frame? Saw one at the bike shop and it looks pretty cool Anyone know who makes the frame or anything else about them? Thanks -RichRead More »





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