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Cateye Stealth 10 GPS Bike Computer, Nano Shot Plus 600 Lumen Light

Cateye is a brand that has been around for a while and you may have one of their bike computers that refuses to die somewhere in the parts bin. They make quality stuff and it seems that they've shown a breath of fresh innovation over the last couple of years. We dropped by the Cateye booth and saw t ...    Read More »

Best Cycling Bike Gifts: POV Cameras

Welcome to the RoadBikeReview Holiday Gift Guide! In this economy, money is tight so you will want to be sure that you spend wisely. Our suggestions below are designed to save you time and let you know everything you need to about the different products on the market vying for your hard earned cash ...    Read More »

BMC invited by ASO to race at Critérium International for 2nd year in a row

For the second year running, the BMC Racing Team has earned an invitation to the prestigious spring race in northern France. "This is a perfect race for the team and we are really happy to be going again this year," Directeur Sportif John Lelangue said. "It is a complete stage race in just three s ...    Read More »

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Antares saddle rails to top dimension?

I'm interested in the Fizik Antares, but having a bike with an ISP I have to think about how different it will measure compared to my Flite. Anybody have one who could give me a dimension from the centerline of rails to the top of the saddle, around the midpoint? Thanks muchRead More »

terry b is in our dimension posting in our timez

[COLOR=Navy]It's so weird to seeing terry b posting at a regular hour now that he has returned in close proximity. Watch out; he is near you. So who is looking after this place at three a.m. now?[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Thanks, Tshirt[/COLOR]Read More »

Has anyone used Dimension/Formula/Alex wheels?

I am looking for a cheap but safe rear wheel for a friends old touring bike with a 6sp freewheel, and I came across these. Has anyone used them? [url]http://www.bikeman.com/WE8675.html[/url] Weight is not an issue, as her old wheel is steel, I just want a wheel that is safe, and dependable. ... Read More »

where to find Dimension Flattop Shallow Reach Bar?

...been looking high and low, out of stock everywhere. Anyone?Read More »

Another hub dimension question

I've been reading the threads about hub design, specifically flange position and spacing, with a great deal of curiosity. Thanks for all the comments! I've got a couple of questions, first how are the dimensions measured? I'd guess that flange diameter is measured to the center of the hole, but ... Read More »

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