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Setiawan bikes...dirt cheap...legit?

This website [url=http://www.setiawanbikes.com]Setiawan Bikes - The biggest of bicycle and parts store in Indonesia[/url] has some almost unbelievable prices for some of their road bikes. Has anyone used it? Legitimate website? Air freight shipping to California is $160, but even with that the bikes ... Read More »

Tire for dirt roads and rail trail

I'm looking for a tire to put on my spare wheels to use from time to time on dirt roads/gravel rail trails. Any suggestions? I can't fit anything wider than 25mm on the bike. Was thinking of something with some sort of tread...Read More »

Gravel/ Dirt - Road Biking in Maryland

I just wanted to pass on some great info, that I received from: James w/ [B]Bike Doctor Frederick[/B] 5732 Buckeystown Pike #10 Frederick, MD 21704 (301.620.8868) [url]http://www.bikedoctorfrederick.com/[/url] [url]https://www.facebook.com/BikeDrFrederick[/url] [I]"On of the main fo ... Read More »

Tire recommendations for dirt & gravel roads

It’s been a long time since I was posting, as I was too busy training and road racing in Sicily. I’ve just moved from Sicily to SE Turkey, and hung up my racing bike. The move to Turkey has prompted a switch from road cycling to off pave XC style cycling. With all the hard packed and gravel roads to ... Read More »

A Roadies Dirt Ride (or a Dirty Road Ride).

Every so often we get a wild notion to see the sunrise from the bikes. Sunday mornings are usually pretty good for this, not much auto traffic. So at 0Dark30 we lit up the bikes and headed out. We just weren't counting about the dense fog out there..... :rolleyes:Read More »

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