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DMT Prisma/Speedplay shoes

I just picked up a pair of these, and they're a bit lacking in instructions, and the DMT web site wasn't much help. Any idea what the cryptogram on the insole is indicating? And thinking about these more, seems like since the spring tension screws are used to mount the cleat to the shoe, they're b ... Read More »

My DMT shoe broke

I have a pair of DMT Ultimax shoes. Yesterday, I pulled the velcro strap tight and it came off in my hand. Damn. These shoes are maybe a year old! Luckily, the buckle still works fine, so I can still ride, although I'm not going to be winning any sprints. I love these shoes. Previously, I had a p ... Read More »

DMT vs Sidi sizing

Hi everyone I am thinking about DMT radial or prisma shoes drilled for speedplay Does anyone know how these are sized compared to sidi? Thanks in advanceRead More »

DMT Shoes Opinions ?

I am looking at purchasing a pair of DMT Ultimax Spirit Road Cycling Shoes. Any opinions on DMT shoes. I just can not justifiy Sidi for $$$$. Would I be better of spending $300 plus or $88.00 for the DMT's and in a couple of year perhaps look into replacing them. With another mid price shoe. I am 55 ... Read More »

DMT shoes?

How is fit/sizing compared to Sidi/others? I didn't see any search results.Read More »


DMT Product Categories


Evolution 0
0   Reviews
$ 200.00
Impact Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 249.95
Podio 2.0 0
0   Reviews
$ 52.00
Prisma 3.5
2   Reviews
$ 349.95
Prisma 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 418.00
Prisma Speedplay 0
0   Reviews
$ 279.95
Radial 4
1   Reviews
$ 147.49
Radial 2 Look 0
0   Reviews
$ 333.00
Radial 2 Speedplay 0
0   Reviews
$ 333.00
Radial Speedplay 5
1   Reviews
$ 332.95
Speed 0
0   Reviews
$ 150.00
Vision Kids 0
0   Reviews
$ 84.00




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