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Do you want to view more posts per page? Check it out.

I'm sure the veterans know of this trick. But for the newbs and relative newbs this is a modification worth knowing about. select the following; Forum Actions > General Settings > scroll down to "Number of posts to show per page" > hit the drop down and select the quantity you want. It a ... Read More »

Do I need more than 100 psi?

I'm 5'6 144 lbs and on my way down. I'm running 700x25 slicks at 100 psi on smooth road with the occasional bumps or imperfections. (stock "duro" in the front, gator skin in the back) My pump only goes to 100 psi because it's one of those Walmart pumps with no gauge and nothing fancy (it's probab ... Read More »

do stiffer soles offer more foot comfort???

been riding kind of a budget pair of cannondale shoes for about 5 years. although they fit well, i have been getting alot of foot discomfort this summer. they have a nylon sole that doesnt seem to flex, but that's when i am testing it by bending it w my hands. on the bike, way more pressure so it ... Read More »

How do you make a 5K run more interesting? Add zombies, of course

Basically what you’ve got here are people trying to complete a 5K course, with various zombies lurking behind trees, rocks and bushes, waiting to attack. A zombie eats a runner’s “brains” by grabbing flags on their belts. [url]http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2012/04/16/how-do-you-make-a-5k-r ... Read More »

When you have more than one road bike, how do you decide which one to ride?

I have two road bikes: a 1983 Trek 400 and a 2011 Felt F3. It's pretty easy for me to choose which bike I ride on any given day...the Felt goes with me, and the Trek sits at the bottom of the stairs in the basement -- looking nice, but lonely. Several people here have several drool worthy bikes ... Read More »

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