Surprised there's no Michael Douglas thread...?

If I were married to Catherine Zeta Jones I would probably contract throat cancer too. Of course we may never know the real cause...Read More »

The White World of Sports: What Gabby Douglas’ vault into Olympic history means

Here another take on the Gabby Douglas story. Linky; [url=]The White World of Sports: What Gabby Douglas[/url] PAX :cool:Read More »

Gabby Douglas wins the gold, but it's her hair that's getting all the attention

Gabby Douglas is the first African-American woman to win the Gold in the Olympic women's all-around gymnastics finals in Team and individual events. But it's not her achievements on the floor that's people are Twittering about, but her hair. Really, her hair? Did anyone catch her routines? Wow, ... Read More »

Rest in peace Robbie Douglas

For those of us that are old enough to remember My Three Sons, Don Grady has died from cancer. [url=]Don Grady, One of TV's 'My Three Sons,' Dies at 68 - Yahoo! TV[/url] [IMG] ... Read More »

Douglas Daniele, who founded the North Jersey Mountain Biking Club, died Wednesday.

[B]Douglas Daniele, bike club founder Friday, September 2, 2011 BY KAREN SUDOL STAFF WRITER The Record[/B] [QUOTE]Douglas Daniele, who founded the North Jersey Mountain Biking Club, died Wednesday from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in Sloatsburg, N.Y. He was 48. Mr. Daniele li ... Read More »

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