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Sidi Dragon 2 SRS Carbon Shoes Pro Review

Sidi Dragon 2 SRS Carbon Shoes Pro Review - By Russell Clark Carbon Sole Replacement System (SRS), a pure carbon insert reaching from the heel to the toe Patented Techno II buckle system and Caliper buckle Sizes - 39 to 48 MSRP - $429 My name is Russell Clark. I’m an avid cyclist who dabbles a bi ...    Read More »

Video: World's 10 Best Gran Fondos

Ready to plan your dream cycling vacation? This should help. Check out this list of the world’s 10 best gran fondo amateur cycling events. Then grab your passport and pack your bags.   Read More »

Praxis Works Brings Forged Chainrings and LevaTime to Aftermarket

Praxis Works' Adam Haverstock showing off the new rings Praxis Works of Santa Cruz County is gearing up for its North American aftermarket debut this week. Fresh off their Taipei International Show unveiling last month, where they showed off their final production rings to industry buyers and med ...    Read More »

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100 startling facts about g dragon big bang

FYI. 4. Personality: GD could be as hard as he wants; as cool as he wants, depending on his mood. He is the kind of cheerful guy; he could easily calm himself down. GD has a high self-esteem, he is easy going, talented, and has strong charisma. He also the one who could be relied on; lovable. He sk ... Read More »

SpaceX "Dragon Capsule" launched today!

Way to go Bent! SpaceX launched the first of a dozen operational missions to deliver supplies to the International Space Station on Oct. 7 for NASA. Launch time came at 8:35 p.m. from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, just a few miles south of the space shuttle lau ... Read More »

Dragon speech recognition tv ad

holy jeebus...! what the hell is with this commercial...??? it's like 20 min. long. and of course, it's annoying as crap. isn't there an FCC reg that dictates how long an ad can be...?Read More »

Movie review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Didn't see it in the theaters but my wife got the DVD and we watched it yesterday. The one thing I learned: do not anger the girl with the dragon tattoo, cuz she'll mess you up!Read More »

Any decent "Year of the Dragon" jerseys out there?

The one from the LA Chinatown Firecracker ride doesn't impress me at all [URL="http://firecracker10k.3dcartstores.com/2012-Year-of-the-Dragon-Bike-Jersey_p_14.html"](here)[/URL]. Any suggestions? google isn't helping.Read More »

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